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Greetings Parents and Community Members! Can you believe we are already 6 weeks into the school year? It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming our families back from Summer vacation. While the weather is still HOT, the sixth week marks the halfway point of our first quarter. Teachers have been keeping accurate grades and progress reports for select students will be going home soon. Remember, you can always check up to date grades on our Parent Portal. We are continuing to develop our assessment strategy to ensure more alignment in grading across our grade levels, something that is not always easy! Aside from that, it’s been another busy week!   

  • We held our 2nd GO Team meeting of the year last week and elected our final officer and set our meeting dates and public comment format. Remember all GO Team information along with PTA dates can be found HERE!
  • Ms. McCarren and Ms. Lu’s music classes dove into some world music with a rock passing song from Africa- it was so cool to watch!
  • Our awesome PE teacher, Coach Patton found interesting ways to warm up his 2nd grade students as they prepared for the day in PE. His awesome counterpart, Coach Wyman, continued to find fun and interesting ways to engage our students in cardiovascular activities tied to the PACER state assessment!
  • Our French teachers continued their instruction using Comprehensible Input. A great way of making learning a language relevant and meaningful for ALL students.
  • 2nd grade DLI teacher, Ms. Fallon, had her students practice reading fluency of Module 1 in Wit and Wisdom by doing some Readers Theater.
  • And I was SO impressed by all of the Georgia Regions projects I saw in 3rd grade. Way to go!

As our students continue their knowledge quest, our teachers are as well. Each grade level is participating in full day professional development sessions this week and next. These sessions are tied to IB planning and PLC work with our consultant Dr. Ann Ferrell. All paid for by our Foundation! A great reminder of the extra work our teachers are able to do because of donations to the BeeFund from people like you! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to myself or a member of our team.

Until next week

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