COVID-19 Surveillance Testing at Morris Brandon


Students attending face-to-face learning will bring home important documents prepared by APS for consent to do COVID-19 Surveillance Testing. If you choose to opt-in, consent and privacy forms are to be returned to your homeroom teachers at any time during this school year.

Morris Brandon is the first school in the state to have surveillance testing! Read more about surveillance testing HERE



Atlanta Public Schools (APS) is continuing its effort to keep everyone in our schools and buildings safe by making COVID-19 Surveillance Testing available to all students and staff. COVID-19 Surveillance Testing is a non-diagnostic test that detects the presence of COVID-19 even in individuals who may be asymptomatic. The benefits of surveillance testing include early detection of positive individuals to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our schools and buildings, as well as, rapid results and notifications for impacted individuals within 24 hours of testing. This allows for parents and staff to make informed decisions regarding healthcare and taking the needed precautions prior to coming to school or work.

APS is working with our school leadership team and Viral Solutions, the vendor, on mapping out the logistics and protocols of how testing will be made available for all. Currently, the district plans to make testing available once per week. While participation in surveillance testing is not required for students, it is strongly encouraged. Parents who want their children to be tested must sign the consent form that would cover their child for one year.

We are looking for high levels of staff and student participation and believe that this mitigation strategy will help drive the ability to keep our staff and students safe and in school. You can learn more about COVID-19 Surveillance Testing by reviewing the FAQs on our website.

Thank you for your commitment to keeping our APS Community healthy and safe. For more information and updates on the District’s health and mitigation strategies, visit For more details on our return to in-person learning, visit

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