Making a Bee Line for the Finish Line!

Greetings Parents and Community Members,

And just like that, the 2019/2020 school year has come to an end! It’s hard to believe that two and half months ago we left for two weeks, thinking that we would return just before Spring Break. I for one never thought this would be the norm for the final quarter of our school year. I have had a dozen mixed emotions during this time but am so happy to see us ending the school year with high student engagement! We know that 95.6% of our students are engaged DAILY in online learning. The data is accurate because 100% of our teachers have taken attendance (participation) every day since 3/16, not missing one section, one teacher, or one day! Having a 100% participation take rate means that our engagement data is very accurate. Overall, 99% of our students have logged in to virtual learning from 3/16-5/20. This is measured by computer logins, Google classroom engagement and MyBackPack usage. Way to go students!

This last week brings several updates as we wind down the school year. First and foremost, please pay careful attention to our HIVE DRIVE information located below. Remember, the HIVE DRIVE will be our final end of year celebration taking place this Thursday May 21 from 9-11am with a special celebration at the end from 11-12pm for our graduating 5th graders. The parade will be in two waves, with PC staff coming first followed by MC staff approximately 15 minutes later. In order for this to be successful and to get close to 80 cars through the drive and back to our location by 11am, we must make sure that we keep moving! Also, please remember that all CDC guidelines for safety and social distancing will be followed by our staff, with only one teacher per car. 5th grade families should have received specific information on your special drive through beginning at 11am as well. Remember that 5th graders should plan on bringing back all of your old textbooks and supplies as well as any letters you want to give to your teachers for your 11-12pm drive thru. All technology can be kept for a collection date coming in August. For everyone else continuing at Brandon, please remember you should hold onto all materials like textbooks, library books, iPads and Chromebooks until our student collection date in August.  

I also want to let you know that we will be having one final GO Team meeting of the school year this Friday May 22 at 9am to review our final budget updates for the 20/21 school year. This meeting will not be open to public comment and will be solely focused on our operating budget for next year. See below for the Zoom link and login information.

Virtual learning doesn’t mean the end of 5th grade Exhibition either! Our 5th grade virtual Exhibition can be accessed online starting tomorrow! The theme is “Sharing the Planet: the well-being of a community is interdependent upon people’s behaviors.” This year it was based around this “new reality” of COVID-19. For such short notice AND doing it virtually, the students and teachers did a great job. To access the Exhibition, go to and choose the teacher from the drop-down menu.

Lastly, please be sure to refer back to our Virtual Learning Hub HERE to access summer learning resources. The hub, which will continually be updated, has learning resources for rising Kindergarten students as well as information for current Brandon students like access to FLEX Friday Google Classroom activities, summer reading lists, information on virtual learning camps, as well as digital learning resources that can all be used over the summer! 

Our admin and myself will be working from home all summer long. Please know that we will be available to answer emails and respond to questions or comments throughout the summer. Continue to check the APS COVID page HERE for updates regarding school openings and the latest news from APS. I hope everyone has a relaxing summer away from the computer filled with outside activities and family time. I know there will be better days ahead, and I will miss every student until I see them again in person! There may be some periodic updates from me throughout the summer as well, but until then, rest, relax, recover, READ and enjoy the extra time off. 


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