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Greetings Parents and Community Members,

It’s an exciting week at Morris Brandon! We had a chance to kick off the Georgia Department of Education Red Ribbon Week, and we can’t wait for our Book Character Dress Up Day on Friday! Red Ribbon week is held each year from October 23 to October 31 and includes an activity driven strategy aimed at building universal awareness of the importance of a drug free lifestyle. Each year, schools and communities are encouraged to develop messages and activities to demonstrate their commitment to living drug-free lifestyles. At Morris Brandon, this is primarily delivered through Spirit Week type activities and daily messaging on our morning announcements. 

We fully understand the sensitivity of this subject and for our younger students, we discuss what it means to live a drug free lifestyle primarily by smart decision making, not ingesting anything that isn’t given to you by a trusted adult, and speaking out if something or somebody does not look or feel right. I love popping into virtual classes, hearing the great conversations and seeing all of the fun dress up activities that accompany this week of drug free awareness.

This Friday also brings about our first Book Character Dress Up Drive Thru from 12:30-2:30pm at our Primary Campus. We encourage all students to dress up as their favorite book character and have a book to match! These are unique times and we want to do all we can to keep school engagement at the forefront of learning. We are hoping for a large turnout and a chance for students to see their teachers waving and saying hello for the first time all year! We will have a DJ and some small prizes to give out as well. While this is meant to be a quick event, we encourage you to drive slow through the parking lot, with your windows down and sunroofs open so we can see our kids! Prior to the drive thru, we will also be holding our 2nd Virtual School Dance of the year from 11:00-11:45am. Your teacher will share the unique Zoom link for the dance. We can’t wait to hear some spooky tunes and check out the great costumes before the parade. Please note that because of the timing of the events for the day, school will be ending at 11am to make sure our students can join our virtual dance and participate in the Book Character Drive Thru and don’t forget that our fields at both campus will be open at 2:30.

Lastly, I want to thank EVERYONE (parents and staff) for their support of Morris Brandon by donating to our annual Bee Fund. This year more than ever, your support is needed to help ensure our students and staff have all the resources they need in order to be successful at virtual and in person learning. Friday marks the end of the Bee Fund campaign (even though donations are always accepted) and the announcement for the two highest homerooms at PC and MC will be made on next week’s announcements.  

Aside from that, be on the lookout for parent conference sign ups in your teachers newsletter this Friday and can’t wait to see everyone and their book character costumes this Friday!


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