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FROM PRINCIPAL BLAND – Greetings Parents and Community Members: We are rocking and rolling at Brandon Elementary School. As we are moving into week three, the amazing things that are happening in both buildings are evident across all grade levels and content areas. In our Specials classes, Mr. Carr, our PC art teacher, has been teaching Kindergartners the power of teamwork and collaboration (a common theme at Brandon this year) as students learn about the color spectrum. Coach Wyman, our MC Physical Education teacher, is on the same page as she engaged her students in cooperation and creativity, building teamwork through cooperative games seen during her new Super Specials block. Ms. McCarren had her students drumming to a beat set to some of their favorite music, and the always fantastic Ms. Ingram helped her students at the PC channel their book character of the week as they read “Rosie Revere, Engineer.” I loved seeing Ms. Halliday’s class (and the rest of Kindergarten) participating in “questions only” Socratic Seminars as students engaged in meaningful academic conversation throughout their Wit and Wisdom unit. Ms. Espinoza and the rest of our DLI k-2 teachers continue to AMAZE me, teaching phonics in English AND Spanish! Ms. Murphy’s class continues to “Notice” and “Wonder” what they read (and see) as they used their magnifying glasses to identify words that require capital letters. I loved seeing Mr. Freeman’s 3rd grade class learn about (and review) the scientific method as they asked questions about their discoveries (inquiry based learning at its finest!) and Ms. Windle’s 4th grade class learn about the King and his Parliament members as they taxed the rest of the class with M&M’s! Learning can be fun and our teachers work hard to make sure our students leave each day not only with “filled buckets” but also a thirst to learn more.

I also truly enjoyed our THREE back-to-school nights that we hosted. It was great to see all of our new (and some returning) Kindergarten families attend the first night! It was a long day for our teachers, moving from a staff meeting into the evening, but they were here with smiles on their faces, ready to answer any questions that our parents had. Mr. Hutson and I enjoyed speaking to our 2nd grade DLI families during night two so we could learn what it’s like being the first cohort to travel through Brandon and we had a fantastic time supporting our teachers and you as we made our way in and out of all the 1st and 2nd grade classrooms! The final night that was dedicated to just our MC parents went off without a hitch. Our expert teachers did a great job of meeting all of our families and outlining instructional practices and expectations throughout grades 3-5. We also had a surprise visit during carpool on Friday as the North Atlanta varsity football captains came out to show our MC families some love! It was great to see some of my former students opening car doors in the am and then go on to beat Grady that evening during Cluster Collaboration night.

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Talk soon!

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