The goal of the Morris Brandon PTA is to enrich every student’s education and school experience. Countless studies have shown that active participation in your child’s education greatly enhances their performance at school. Involvement in PTA is a great way to help your child achieve academic success.

Through many volunteer committees, parent volunteers support a thriving PTA program, which plans and implements a broad range of operations support, student enrichment, community engagement, and fundraising activities.

Every fundraising event is important as our PTA dollars help fund the day-to-day operations of the school: teacher supplies, staff and teacher appreciation events, buildings and grounds maintenance and improvements, community outreach, and more!

PTA General Meetings are held several times a year, usually on Zoom and every effort is made to make these meetings informative, interesting and worth your time. 

The PTA and administration work with the GO Team and the Morris Brandon Elementary School Foundation (MBESF) to form a strong and effective leadership team that works hard to ensure that our Brandon graduates are well-rounded and well-prepared for middle school and BEE-yond!

Bee Involved! There are opportunities for all who are interested to be of service to Morris Brandon. CLICK HERE to sign up for a committee.


PTA 2023-24 Executive Committee:

  • Co-Presidents: Brittany Goepp and Lindsey Porter (
  • Treasurer: Evan Carter (
  • Secretary: Lane Kurban
  • VP of Communications: Drew Bolton (
  • VP Fundraising: Octavia Toliver
  • VP Family/Community Events: Shannon Konn
  • Parliamentarians: Karen Bain and Margaret Bond

Meeting Minutes and Recordings


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