APS Buses

APS Buses


Text message alert sign-ups will be made available once routes are known. If your child is traveling via the shuttle from one campus to another, please indicate “shuttle” on any forms.

The telephone number for the Atlanta Public Schools’ Transportation Office is 404-802-5500. Use this number if you have any concerns about bus transportation.

The transportation department of Atlanta Public Schools configures bus routes based on maximum occupancy. Our buses become over-crowded very quickly when children bring friends home that normally ride a different bus, walk, or carpool home. Students will not be allowed to bring friends home on the bus – absolutely no exceptions.


  • At both campuses, morning buses are unloaded in the front drive of the school beginning at 7:30am and students proceed directly to their Homeroom class.


  • Bus dismissal begins at 2:30pm at both campuses. Due to the large number of buses, students are loaded for afternoon dismissal in groups.
  • At both campuses, teachers escort students to the bus each afternoon.


  • Every morning and every afternoon one of the regular buses will also serve as a “shuttle” to get students from one campus to the other. The morning shuttles leave promptly from each campus at 7:30am. The afternoon shuttles leave promptly from each campus at 2:30pm. Any student needing to ride the shuttle does NOT need to know the bus number, they need only to send in a change of transportation indicating “Shuttle”.


  • All students at the PC will have a backpack tag attached to their book bags that will identify their name, grade, and afterschool mode of transportation, which includes the bus number, if applicable.
  • All students (both campuses) must send in a Change of Transportation signed by a parent for any change to their regular mode of transportation (as identified with their teacher at the beginning of the school year).

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