Happy to Bee Welcoming Parents this Week!

FROM PRINCIPAL BLAND – Greetings Parents, Faculty and Staff! A lot has happened since the last time we have chatted! My family and I had an INCREDIBLE time at the Backyard Bash last Friday. It was great to see all of our families on campus, having fun, meeting new people and of course playing! In fact, my son was so disappointed he had to leave that I had to promise I would take him back to the playground another time!

As a leadership team, we continue to be incredibly impressed by the teaching and learning that is taking place each day and in every classroom. Our teachers are wrapping up Module 0 and starting Module 1 of our new Language Arts curriculum, Wit and Wisdom. I saw Socratic Seminars, silent “chalk talk” activities and even art analysis in Ms. Stansbury’s and Ms. Richards’s 5th grade classes. I love this curriculum because it really encompasses much more than just reading and writing. Our students are exploring parts of the world, delving deep into literary and information texts and engaging in an IB-infused curriculum that’s surely going to help them become global citizens. Ask your child’s teacher how Wit and Wisdom’s Content Stages utilize visual art as a learning tool! It’s amazing to watch students describe what they “Notice” and “Wonder” about famous artwork that many of us have seen before! 

As we continue on this journey of education together, we are never losing sight of educating the whole child. Social Emotional Learning still takes place every day (if you haven’t seen our YouTube video, check it out!), PE, Art, and Music are still rocking and rolling at both campuses with more time being given during students’ “Super Specials” block, and a 30-minute recess is a non-negotiable every day. I hope to see everyone back at school for Parent Information Nights and please continue to reach out to any member of our admin team if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a great week!

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