Welcome Back!

Greetings Parents and Community Members! 
And just like that, we’re back!! I hope everyone enjoyed some family and friend time over our short but much needed Thanksgiving break. My wife and I enjoyed our time with our two kids down in Clearwater Florida, playing on the beach and of course eating everything in sight! While we only have 3 short weeks until our longer holiday break, those weeks will be packed full of holiday practices, performances, assessments, learning and of course holiday cheer! We’ve already hit the ground running since we returned as evident in Ms. Fallon’s 2nd grade DLI class. Her class was busy reading about Johnny Appleseed while tasting some delicious honeycrisp apples to go along with the readings.

In fact, nearly all grade levels have moved onto the next module in Wit and Wisdom or will be doing so right after the break. As I walk around the halls, I’m in awe of the amazing writing pieces I see from students all the way down to Kindergarten!  Up in 5th grade, Ms. Rinkowski’s class worked on identifying theme using quotes. Mr. Hutson and I recorded our December SEL book talk which can be viewed HERE and our ENTIRE school is celebrating Inclusive Schools Week. Each day, our students are learning about a different disability and how it can affect teaching and learning. Our students are participating in activities throughout the week designed to bring awareness and understanding of all students, no matter what they look like or the challenges they face. We are over 90% inclusion at Brandon. What that means is that 9 out of 10 special education students are included within a co-taught classroom for the entire school day. That’s an amazing feat for our teachers who plan and differentiate lessons for all students, no matter where they fall on the learning spectrum. I want to take this time to thank all of our Special Education teachers especially our lead teacher, Dr. Cecil Dalton, who works tirelessly to ensure all of our students with special needs receive services that will help them learn and grow.  

As we make our way through the next three weeks, please help us and our school by making sure our students are present and on time every day. I’ve challenged our student body with perfect attendance over the next three weeks. If a student is healthy and ready to go, they should be in their classroom ready to learn at 8am.

Until next time!

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