Welcome to Spring!

Greetings Students, Parents and Community Members!
Welcome back to virtual learning!  While I know that Spring Break may not have been what we all wanted (a nice vacation, time away from home or visiting with family and loved ones), I hope you found some time to do what you love and took a break from teaching and learning. We had a great first month of virtual learning! While inevitably it’s taken some time to get adjusted, our students and teachers have gotten into a rhythm. In week 3 as we moved into the Extended Learning Phase, we were able to receive all parent feedback and make adjustments as needed. We closed out our first month with an awesome food donation drive at Peachtree Hills Rec Center too!

While we had to change locations at the last minute, it did not stifle the donations one bit. Peachtree Hills Rec serves breakfast to families in the North Atlanta cluster from 10am-12pm and dinner from 4-6pm daily and with our donations, they are sending groceries home with families as take-home food.  We even had enough to donate to Thomasville Heights Rec. Center, GOODR, and an assisted living facility on Peachtree. We also have a good number of gift cards for families on an as needed basis, which we are giving out periodically. Great work Brandon community!

As we continue on with Q4 and moving toward the end of a unique school year, my focus is closing out the school year and preparing for next. I know there was a lot of excitement around this year’s talent show. After postponing the original date to May 15, we now have made the decision to hold our Morris Brandon’s Got Talent Show in the Fall. I am working on securing the North Atlanta Theater in September where we can give our students the best opportunity to show off their skills. We will welcome back all students who want to perform, even if they are no longer at Brandon. We feel that in person is the way to go. We will also have our Talent Show in the Spring, and everyone will be welcome to try out.

We’re also working on creating our class lists for the 2020/21 school year. A process that will undoubtedly prove to be more challenging virtually than in person. An important part of creating our 2020/21 class lists is getting parent input. We have created a google form with a few key questions to help us find the best class placement for your child. The form can be found HERE. We are asking that all parents please complete this Google Form by May 5 and if you have already emailed me your form, then you don’t need to complete it again.

We are also super excited to roll out our first FLEX Friday this week. Flex Fridays are meant to be a day where students can take a step back from virtual learning and participate in activities from subjects like media, IB, specials and outdoor learning that can encourage students to get outside and be creative. Nothing needs to be turned in or submitted for a grade. This is simply a great way to wind the week down and to participate in some fun learning. Your teacher may still have a morning meeting to take participation (attendance) for the day and will still be available to respond to emails or for pre-arranged small group work. More info to come from your child’s teacher.

I also want to let you know that we will be having a virtual GoTeam meeting this Friday (April 17) at 3pm.  This is a public meeting where all are welcomed to join. We encourage you to attend to hear about where we are with the budget, hiring, staffing and virtual learning. Please use the class code 758-959-6558 and password 1151 to join.

And lastly, I want to let you all know how supportive APS has been through all of this. Our Superintendent has made the commitment to continue paying ALL APS EMPLOYEES including hourly, bus drivers and those receiving hero pay for working in high risk conditions during the pandemic. I hope that everyone continues to learn and grow during this difficult but unique time. Please continue to support your child and their teacher during virtual learning!


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