Caring Bees Committee

At Morris Brandon, we recognize that sometimes community members (siblings, parents, and extended families of our students) need support. Years ago, the Caring Bees Committee was developed to step up in those times of need.

When We Get Involved

How we find out about these needs relies on community members alerting us. Sometimes the school notifies us. But we also recognize that their primary job is to care for each student, while the PTA is able to rally around the family. Sometimes we hear from within our community who reach out to us. And sometimes, it is from a family member directly. Whatever the method of notification, we are here to provide support!
When we hear about a family in need, we mobilize in a number of ways and in accord with the family’s wishes (with respect of course to privacy and the many other emotions that surround a family).

How We Get Involved

Each situation is different, and each family has their own needs. Caring Bees and the PTA Executive Committee work closely with the family to identify those needs while also respecting concerns of privacy.
Cards, flowers, special treats, and casseroles are among the various ways Morris Brandon Caring Bees support the family. We can communicate, set up meal trains, initiate carpool schedules, or help handle other support tasks that a family may need and want.
Unfortunately, when a parent of a student passes away, the PTA adds further support by ensuring that Brandon “optional” activities and events do not need to be another element that a family has to consider or even think about. In those situations, the PTA provides items such as school supplies, Jamboree wristbands, Book Fair Bee Bucks, Yearbooks, Fun Run registrations/t-shirts, Directories, and/or Logo Wear as appropriate.

What We Need from You

Please keep us informed if you know someone in our community needs help. We can only help when we know there is a need.
If you would like to be more involved, the best place to start is by contacting the Helper Bees Committee at Please indicate in the subject line that you have interest in Caring Bees. If the need arises for volunteers for Caring Bees, we will be able to get in touch with you that way.

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