School Supplies Lists & Required Items

2018-19 School Supplies Lists & Required Items

School supplies are listed below per grade. Please note:

  1. school supplies vary per grade,
  2. there are a number of required items that can only purchased through the PTA and also vary per grade,
  3. the items you purchase through the school store will be delivered to your student’s classroom by the first day of school (and may or may not be there in time for the Celebration of Learning), and
  4. you will need to purchase and bring the remaining school supplies either to the Celebration of Learning or by the first day of school.

The full school supplies list (from SchoolKidz) can also be found here to help clarify anything on the lists below.

Grade Supply List to Print Morris Brandon Customized Items*
Kindergarten Kindergarten Supplies List FULL K Supply Kit (As Available)


K Required Bundle @ Brandon Store

1st Grade 1st Grade Supplies List 1st Required Bundle @ Brandon Store
2nd Grade 2nd Grade Supplies List 2nd Required Bundle @ Brandon Store
3rd Grade 3rd Grade Supplies List 3rd Required Bundle @ Brandon Store
4th Grade 4th Grade Supplies List 4th Required Bundle @ Brandon Store
5th Grade 5th Grade Supplies List 5th Required Bundle @ Brandon Store

*These packs include REQUIRED ITEMS only available through Morris Brandon. Only purchase the grade appropriate bundle if you have NOT purchased a pre-packaged supply kit.

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