2021-22 Yearbook

We are excited to bring you a special 2021-2022 Yearbook. As we continue to navigate through this unique time the events of 2021 will make this a memorable yearbook! Don’t let your student miss out on sharing the events that will make this year special. Safeguard the memories, big and small, by ordering your student’s yearbook today!

Ways to order:

Create a Custom Ad for your 5th Grader’s Yearbook

For many of you this year will be extra special because it’s your child’s last one at Morris Brandon. 5th Grade Yearbook Ads are a great way to honor and celebrate student success and growth.

The deadline to create and purchase your ad is Monday, November 8, 2021. You can get started with your 5th grade recognition ad here!

Candid Photos Needed for the Yearbook

Make sure your child is in the book more than once! It is our goal to include at least one candid (non-posed) photo of each student in the yearbook. Please upload your child’s candid photos to Jostens RePlay It (User ID: 416224506). When you create an account, you can submit pictures to be used in the yearbook. Don’t forget to tag your photos by event and grade level.

Questions? Contact Ashlee Portis at Thanks for your support!

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