Carpool Registration

Carpool Registration / Re-Registration / Release

Carpool registration for the 2018-19 school year is now open through July 13, 2018. Your carpool materials (decals and Carpool Rules) will be available at the Celebration of Learning in your OLDEST child’s classroom.

The following families MUST fill out the form:

  • Carpoolers from 2017-18 who are NOT planning to use carpool in 2018-19
  • Carpoolers from 2017-18 who ARE planning to use carpool in 2018-19
  • New Carpool Families who WILL be carpooling in 2018-19

A few quick Reminders:

  • ONE carpool number is assigned PER FAMILY for your entire tenure at Brandon
  • You MUST register whether you think you are going to use it once or daily
  • Please read rules carefully as the school year starts
  • If you are returning, KEEP YOUR OLD DECALS – you will use them year after year

Thank you for your cooperation. Feel free to contact PTA Carpool Coordinator Claire Benedict ( with any questions.

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