Carpool Registration

Carpool Registration / Re-Registration / Release

Carpool registration for the 2020-21 school year is now open. Your carpool materials (decals and Carpool Rules) will be delivered to your OLDEST child’s classroom.

The following families MUST fill out the form:

  • Carpoolers from 2019-20 who are NOT planning to use carpool in 2020-21
  • Carpoolers from 2019-20 who ARE planning to use carpool in 2020-21
  • New Carpool Families who WILL be carpooling in 2020-21

A few quick Reminders:

  • ONE carpool number is assigned PER FAMILY for your entire tenure at Brandon
  • You MUST register whether you think you are going to use it once or daily
  • Please read rules carefully as the school year starts
  • If you are returning, KEEP YOUR OLD DECALS – you will use them year after year

Thank you for your cooperation. Feel free to contact PTA Carpool Coordinator Sarah Perry ( with any questions.

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