2nd Grade News

Second Grade

2022-23 Grade Level Coordinator (2nd Grade)

Sunni Newton

Second Grade Curriculum

In second grade, our reading and spelling become even stronger! We will use the Fundations Phonics, a structured, systematic, multi-sensory program based on a philosophy of incremental development of new skills and continual review throughout the year. Through our Wit & Wisdom curriculum, the children will learn three types of writing this year: Narrative, Opinion and Informative.

We will use Eureka Math curriculum for math. Children revisit and build upon skills and concepts learned from first grade and throughout the year in second grade. The program includes hands-on activities for counting, numeration, measurement, geometry patterns, sorting, data calculation, and beginning addition and subtraction.

We will not take the Georgia Milestones test this year. Second graders are evaluated using Reading and Math performance tests given online called the MAP Fluency and Growth assessments.

Second graders will also learn about space, our government, Georgia regions, famous Georgians, forces and motion, states of matter and plant and animal life cycles.

2nd Grade Team

Amy Allman
Tangie Byrd
Sarah Fallon
Kathryn Fellows
Corinne Klibanoff 
Alejandro Mendez amendez@atlanta,
Catherine Newell

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