Grab your favorite books and
Bee in Love with Reading!

Friday, February 25 – Friday, March 4, 2022


Grab your favorite books and BEE IN LOVE WITH READING!

Encourage your child to read lots of books and find at least one sponsor to support his/her reading and to raise money for our school in one of Morris Brandon’s biggest fundraisers!


Read-A-Thon Frequently Asked Questions

  • Having trouble with the app (Read for My School)?
    Please reference this Troubleshooting Guide for help! 
  • What is Read-A-Thon?
    Read-A-Thon is an annual Morris Brandon fundraiser that raises money for our school while encouraging and rewarding students for reading. Strong reading skills are key to educational success and our 7 days of reading gets students involved and excited about books and other reading materials. Read-A-Thon also happens to be one of our largest annual fundraisers, ensuring that our school continues to be the “Place To Bee!”
  • How does it work?
    Read-A-Thon takes place over 7 days. During this time, students record minutes they read, whether at school or at home. All reading counts! Students also solicit donations to support Morris Brandon. Donations will be a one-time fixed donation paid online via Read For My School platform. In order to win a prize, a student must have at least one sponsor and a minimum donation amount of $10. 100% of the proceeds go directly toward making Morris Brandon great!

  •  How do I create a login?
    Please either go to or download the app via Apple Store or Google Play.  Team Invite Code is 31903 and search for your child’s teacher.

  • What if I have a login from last year?
    You can use the same email and password, simply update the school code to 31903 and select your student’s homeroom teacher.

  • What if I have multiple children?
    You can add multiple profiles under the same login. Create a profile for your first child by selecting his/her homeroom teacher. Once you complete registration with your 1st reader, from the home app screen, please click on your SETTING icon and from here you can click on CREATE READER PROFILE. For step by step instructions – please click here.  Creating and managing reader profiles on Read for My School

  • When do students begin and end logging reading time?
    Students may begin logging minutes at 8:00 am on Friday, February 25. Read-A-Thon ends at bedtime on Friday, March 4.

  • How do I log minutes?
    Minutes will be tracked via the Read for My School platform (via website or app).  Reading will be recorded in 10 minute increments. Simply click on the blue Read for My School Logo at the bottom and then click on Read. For step by step instructions – please click here: Tracking your reading sessions on Read for My School
  • What happened to the booklets? Is online the only way to keep track of minutes?
    We understand that no booklets was a big shift for RAT, but as with many other initiatives we are going paperless hence reducing the landfill waste and number of volunteers needed for this event. If you would like your children to track their minutes on paper and then input the minutes on the app, feel free to use this template or a blank piece of paper. But all minutes will need to be recorded on the app/website in order to be considered for any prizes by the deadline, March 8th at 8pm. We will not accept any paper documents. RAT tracking worksheet
  • What reading counts? Does reading to my student count as well?
    Yes, ALL reading counts, including being read to by another student or an adult. If one student reads to another student, they both get the minutes. Books, e-books, picture books, textbooks, graphic novels, magazines and newspapers all count towards minutes. Audio books do not count. We will be giving each student 200 minutes to account for reading done at school. No need for teachers or parents to add those minutes. 

  • How do I collect sponsors and donations?
    Students can ask family, friends and neighbors to sponsor them with a donation.  Simply share the Read for My School individual student page (via text, email, social media).  For step by step instructions – please click here: How to share your donation page on Read for My School

  • When is the donation money due?
    In order to qualify for earning a fundraising prize, donations (online only) must be submitted by March 18th.  Any money collected after March 18th will be greatly appreciated, but not count toward prizes.  

  • Why no cash or checks this year?
    Given the pandemic situation, we believe that moving the entire Read-A-Thon to an online platform including donations was the best and safest avenue to go.  We will handle cash and checks on an individual basis if necessary, but we strongly encourage online donations.

  • Can I donate online for multiple students?
    Of course! Simply fill out a separate online payment form for each student. There is a $10 minimum donation amount for each transaction.

  • Are Read-A-Thon donations tax-deductible?
    Donations to RAT are tax-deductible (Morris Brandon Tax ID #20-4871521), please print out a copy of your donation as the record. For donations over $250, a receipt will be emailed directly to the donee. In accordance with IRS regulations, no goods or services will be provided in return for your Read-A-Thon donation. Please be sure to note that these donations can be company-matched by many local employers so please email us if we can help (

  • What are the prizes this year?
    Students have an opportunity to win both reading and fundraising prizes this year! In addition, everyone who participates will receive achievement badges online as they read additional minutes.
    • Reading prizes include:
      • Barnes and Nobles gift cards for the top 3 readers in each grade ($100, $75, $50)
      • CLASS PARTY for the class in each grade with the highest average minutes read
    • Fundraising Prizes include: 
      • Kazoo gift cards for the top 3 fundraisers ($100, $75, $50)
      • For every $25 raised, a “virtual” raffle ticket will be issued and we will have 2 raffle winners per grade ($25 gift card).  
      • Kona Ice will come to each campus for those students who raise over $300.

  • Are there reading recognition levels this year?
    Yes, students will be recognized for their reading accomplishments based on minutes read as follows. 
Reading Bees K & 1st 2nd 3rd-5th
Royal 500 or more minutes 800 or more minutes 1000 or more minutes
Worker 300 – 499 minutes 400 – 799 minutes 600-999 minutes
Busy 1 – 299 minutes 1 – 399 minutes 1-599 minutes

Questions? Ask the Read-A-Thon Committee Chairs at

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