4th Grade News

Fourth Grade

4th Grade Coordinator: Erin Bailey


There’s Going To Be a Revolution!

Fourth graders will use the Eureka Math program.

The Shurley English Writing and Grammar curriculum also continues in the fourth grade. The students will focus on four types of writing: narrative, informational, response to literature and persuasive essay.

Social Studies will cover map skills, the American Revolutionary period, Westward Expansion, Civil War, and Reconstruction.

Science subjects will include: the Scientific Method, Ecosystems, Stars and Solar System, Simple Machines, Weather, Light and Sound and Force and Motion.

High Touch High Tech will present several in house sessions throughout the year. Fourth graders will also visit the Cobb Youth Museum and will expand upon their Weather instruction with a special visit to the Fernbank Museum. Details will be provided soon!

4th Grade Team

Fourth Grade Teachers

Ashley Arness
Sirly Castellar
Whitney Haase
Marlee Maneri
Allison McKinley
Jill Stansbury
Stephanie Windle

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Social Studies Textbook (yes, it is correct, even though it says “Grade 5):

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Spelling City:

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