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Fifth Grade – Class of 2021

5th Grade at Morris Brandon . . . Big Responsibilities, Big Fun, Big Memories!!

Morris Brandon has a proud tradition of celebrating our fifth graders! These school leaders are entrusted with much responsibility as they finish out their time at Brandon. In return, there is a long list of activities and events and celebrations for them to enjoy all year! While this year may look different, responsibilities typically include acting as safety patrol to keep our Bees safe in the bus line and in carpool, raising and lowering the American flag on the front lawn, and largely running the Field Day activities for the younger classes in May.

Fifth graders will also have the opportunity to become a GREAT HISTORIAN.  This new, optional program exposes our 5th grade students to various perspectives on historical events of the 20th century.  Students will become more familiar with geography, read a book and participate in discussions each month related to different events and time periods aligned closely with their classroom studies, and pull what they have learned into a culminating project.  On their path to becoming Great Historians, students will have the opportunity to gain insight into some of the most significant events in the last century that have shaped the world they live in!

We are here for you! 

Mary-Elizabeth Jackson is your 5th Grade Coordinator.  Feel free to contact her here.

Leaving the Hive Sign

Order your “Class of 2021 A Bee Is Leaving the Hive” yard sign today. Purchasing one of these yard signs is a tradition for fifth graders at Morris Brandon. The yard sign will appear in your yard on or after Spring Break. This will surely get your 5th Grader excited about the last month of being a Brandon Bee! Deadline to order is Friday, 26 March.


We need your information! 

If you have not already done so, please fill out the information in the link provided:  By completing this form, you will start receiving all 5th grade emails.  (NOTE: this is a different list than the BeeMail list – signing up for this one does not automatically sign you up to receive the BeeMail. Please visit the homepage of this Morris Brandon website to sign up for BeeMail newsletters).

Want to get involved leading 5th grade activities and events?

While this year may look different, we are hopeful some of the typical 5th grade activities and events can take place at some point.  Click here to sign up.

Typically, 5th grade fees are around $60 a year.  This year, we are asking for a $25 payment to cover the cost of a t-shirt for your child and to help defray the cost of t-shirts for Fifth Grade Teachers and members of the Administration.  As we gain more clarity into how the school year will unfold, we are expecting to request parents to pay a second payment that will cover any 5th grade activities that could occur through the end of the school year.

5th Grade Dues: $25

5th Grade T-Shirts 

If you have not picked up your child’s infamous 5th Grade T-Shirt, please email

Many thanks to the T-Shirt Committee Chairs, Erin Hebb and Lindley Webb, who made these t-shirts possible.

Cotillion for 5th Grade Students

The Georgia Cotillion class is a long-standing Atlanta tradition for 5th graders to help teach them table manners and social skills in order for them to feel more comfortable and confident in formal settings. They will also learn various dance steps and have fun interacting with classmates (from a safe distance)! The program consists of four classes that will be held in March 2021.

Please note that this is completely optional, is NOT a Morris Brandon sponsored event, and will NOT take place on school property.

Registration for Morris Brandon 5th grade students can be found at

If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to ask either Anne Berry Butler (girl mom volunteer) at or Molly Sipp (boy mom volunteer) at

5th Grade Teaching Team

Andrew Ashton
Sara Cramer
Jessica Harriman
Colleen Harron
Susan Richards
Susan Rinkowski
Ashlee Waters

Sutton Middle School

Interested in learning more about Sutton Middle School?  Here is the link for prospective families that provides information about Sutton, important dates for rising 6th graders, school tours and registration:

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