Kindergarten Coordinators: 

Amanda McAnally and Kacie Brown

2018 August Kindergarten Buzz

Kindergarten Camp 2019: 

Hard to believe it is already that time, but summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about summer camps. Do you have a rising kindergarten or 1st grader? Want them to feel more comfortable about their transition to their new grade (and for some, new school)? Join Morris Brandon faculty and staff for a week-long summer camp to help with those transitions. See our registration flyer for more information and please spread the word!

Kindergarten Curriculum: 

Your kindergartner will be introduced to the Saxon Phonics with Complete Reading Series, a systematic, structured program for reading a writing. They will learn math with Eureka Math which is a program that builds foundational math skills. Science and Social Studies will be integrated with language arts through IB with a focus on inquiry to build basic understanding.

The following assessments will be given during your child’s kindergarten year:

  • Computer Adaptive Assessment (CASS) – Given at the beginning, middle and end of the year. From APS and used to measure student growth in both math and reading foundations.
  • Dibbles – Given at Beginning of the year as baseline for reading. Used for all students three times a year to inform instruction and possible Early Intervention Program placement.
  • Benchmark Assessment – January, March and May. The benchmark assessment is a system wide assessment to show student growth throughout the year.
  • GKIDS (Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills) – State checklist with ongoing assessment in all areas of Kindergarten development.

There are many special events and field trips planned for our kindergartners this year! Please ask your child’s teacher if you have questions about an event!

2018-19 Date of Event Destination (Based on 2016-17 Trips)
High Touch High Tech
Me and My Planet (at school)
High Touch High Tech
Rock and Roll (at school)
TBD Center for Puppetry Arts
2 chaperones
TBD Atlanta Botanical Gardens
4 chaperones
October 31
Book Character Parade
Each child dresses up as their fav. Character.
Parents come to watch parade.
TBD The Art Barn
6 chaperones
TBD High Touch High Tech
Smarty Plants (at school)
TBD Hi Touch Hi Tech
The Real McCoy-African-American Scientist (at school)
January 100th Day of School
TBD High Touch High Tech
Chem Fun (at school)
TBD Music Program
Classes will be split so your child’s class
will perform on one of the two dates.
TBD The Fox Theatre
4 chaperones
TBD High Touch High Tech
Fabulous-Forces (at school)
TBD My Reptile Guy
(at school)
TBD Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary
Every child brings 1 chaperone
TBD Center for Puppetry Arts
2 chaperones
May 24
All are invited to see the fire-truck spray the kids

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