Language Offering: GO Team Meeting

As you know, Morris Brandon Elementary is an IB school. As such, we are required to have a global context to our teaching and learning, and a part of this is offering World Language instruction beginning in 2nd grade. For more information on the past twenty years, as well as what we plan to discuss at our upcoming GO Team Meeting, please see the attached letter. We hope you will join us for the meeting on 11/30 at 5:30pm in the Main Campus Media Center.

Please also consider sharing your perspective via the public comment portion or with us in writing. To do either of these, please click here to either sign up or leave your comment. Please note that there is a specific format for GO Team meetings and public comment. These are shared below.

Go Team Meeting Norms 

  • Only members of the team may participate in the discussion. Any members of the public present are here to quietly observe until noted on the agenda (public comment: see norms below).
  • We will be fully present.
  • We will follow the agenda as noticed to the public and stay on task.
  • We will be respectful of each other at all times.
  • We will be open-minded.
  • We invite and welcome contributions of every member and listen to each other.
  • We will respect all ideas and assume good intentions.
  • We will approach differences of opinion with curiosity.
  • We will seek to represent all members of the community.

Public Comment Format is as follows:

  • At least 20 minutes will be allotted for public opinion on every agenda.
  • Each speaker will be limited to 3 minutes.
  • There will be a written follow up to comments/questions addressed. It will be published as an addendum to the minutes. There will be no verbal responses from the GO Team during the Public Comment.
  • Those wishing to comment will sign up prior to 15 minutes before the meeting start time.
  • A GO Team member will be the time keeper.
  • A place for collection of written comment will be provided.
  • Community members may contact a GO TEAM member with questions or concerns.

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