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Fifth Grade – Class of 2017

5th Grade at Morris Brandon . . . Big Responsibilities, Big Fun, Big Memories!!

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Morris Brandon has a proud tradition of celebrating our fifth graders! These school leaders are entrusted with much responsibility as they finish out their time at Brandon. In return, there is a long list of activities and events and celebrations for them to enjoy all year! Responsibilities include acting as safety patrol to keep our Bees safe in the bus line and in carpool, raising and lowering the American flag on the front lawn, and largely running the Field Day activities for the younger classes in May. They will also have the opportunity to become a GREAT AMERICAN by learning and reciting some key pieces of history.

Recognition Ceremony DVD and Photos

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End of Year Parent Packet 

Our Bees are not out of the Hive just yet!  Please make certain to download this packet, review the information about the Recognition Ceremony and Last Day of school and fill out the appropriate forms so that your child may participate.  

A BEE is leaving the Hive Yard Signs

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The GREAT AMERICANS program is an exciting challenge and long standing tradition for Morris Brandon 5th graders. While all 5th grade teachers support this program and encourage each student to participate, the program is completely optional and not required. However, we hope that each student will take on the challenge and be named a Great American! We will recognize each student with a picnic and at the 5th Grade Celebration later this year. Last year, nearly 90 fifth grade students achieved this great accomplishment! Click HERE for the requirements to pass and for the information to be learned can be found HERE .

5th Grade Team

Bailey Anderson
Sam DeCarlo
Colleen Harron
Susan Richards
Jill Stansbury
Lee Williams

French Trip – Summer 2017

A trip to France is being organized for the summer of 2017 for 5th grade graduates. To learn more about this trip, click here.

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