5th Grade News

Fifth Grade – Class of 2018

5th Grade at Morris Brandon . . . Big Responsibilities, Big Fun, Big Memories!!

5th Grade Coordinators: Dede LaPorta and Charlotte Vicens

Pay your dues, RSVP for the Parent Social, and order a yard sign all in one convenient place. Offerings will change throughout the year as many items are seasonal.

Morris Brandon has a proud tradition of celebrating our fifth graders! These school leaders are entrusted with much responsibility as they finish out their time at Brandon. In return, there is a long list of activities and events and celebrations for them to enjoy all year! Responsibilities include acting as safety patrol to keep our Bees safe in the bus line and in carpool, raising and lowering the American flag on the front lawn, and largely running the Field Day activities for the younger classes in May. They will also have the opportunity to become a GREAT AMERICAN by learning and reciting some key pieces of history.


Congratulations to our 2017-18 Great Americans!

These student achieved this by completing the following 6 tasks:

  1. Recite or write the 45 Presidents in chronological order (last names are fine)
  2. Identify the 50 states & their capitals on a US map (spelling counts, three errors allowed)
  3. Recite the Gettysburg Address (they are allowed 3 prompts)
  4. Recite the Preamble to the Constitution
  5. Recite or sing the Star Spangled Banner
  6. Write the Pledge of Allegiance with no spelling or punctuation mistakes

5th Grade Teaching Team

Bailey Anderson
Sam DeCarlo
Colleen Harron
Susan Richards
Susan Rinkowski
Jill Stansbury

Important Dates

  • July 31 – Back To School Social from 10:00 – 11:30am
  • Aug 14 – Great Americans begins
  • Sep 14 – 5th grade parent social
  • Sep 16 – 5th Grade Car Wash
  • Sep 24, Sep 30 and Oct 1 – Bethany Riggs Photography Fundraiser
  • Sep 26 – Great Americans ends
  • Sep 27 – 28 – Rock Eagle Trip
  • Oct 22 – Jamboree Haunted Hall and Dunk Tank Fund Raisers
  • Nov 13 – Last day to create and purchase your 5th grade yearbook recognition ad on the Jostens website.

5th Grade Newsletter Archives*

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